Become the owner of solar power plants with Melius!


If you've just decided to build a small power plant and at the beginning of your first and most important step that you need to do is get a contract for the purchase of electricity. This agreement guarantees that the energy HROTE redeemed the next 14 years and without it you're not going to build the power plant .

To get the contract for the purchase of electricity, MELIUS -authorized electrical engineer after leaving the facility to make preliminary electro project. For you, we will prepare and other required statements , contracts, documents , together with the preliminary design of solar power plants submit to HEP.

Preliminary electro project for solar power 10 - 30kW , consulting and preparation of documentation required for a contract on the purchase of energy include :

  • Review the building location and the possibility of building a solar power plant
  • assessment year of producing electricity
  • Annual income from the production of electricity at the current applicable tariff system for renewable energy
  • An assessment of the investment costs to the basic components ( PV modules , inverters, structures , other .... )
  • Technical description of the designed plant
  • descriptive documentation
  • prepare the necessary contract documents and compliance with the requirements of HEP on the basis of which is obtained preliminary energy consent agreement on accession of the HEP, and an agreement on the purchase of electricity from HROTE

When you get a contract for the purchase of electricity , we offer a complete solution for the financing and construction.

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